Capacidade de carga: 260Kg

Peso operacional: 980kg

Capacidade da caçamba:0,15m³

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Model LT20
Rated power 15KW
Rated speed 3600rpm
Number of cylinders 2
Air inlet mode nature
Displacement 0.997L
Emission standard EU5
Rated load 260Kg
Max Load 400Kg
Max lifting Force 450kg
Bucket Capacity 0.15m³
Driving speed 0-6km/h
The sum of three items 9s
system pressure bar 17-21bar
Fuel tank capacity 25L
Operating weight 980Kg
Tire 20*10.0-10
Maximum operating height(H1) 2450mm
Height to bucket pin 1870mm
overall height(H) 1350mm
Max height on bucket level state 1810mm
Total length without bucket(L1) 1680mm
Total length(with bucket)(L) 2206mm
Max height Unloading Angle 34°
Dumping height(H2) 1510mm
Dumping distance 450mm
Bucket overturning angle on the ground 27°
Max Bucket swing angle 114°
Wheel base 850mm
Ground clearance 150mm
Tail length 280mm
Track width (standard tire) 720mm
overall width(B) 1150mm
Bucket width(B1) 1200mm
Bucket width(B1) 800mm

With technological innovation our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice;

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